The Divine Book – Overview

Posted: August 14, 2009 by Muhammad Umar Muzaffar in Real Eye-Openers, The Divine Book

Furthermore it goes on with explaining the relation & connection of Moosa (Moses), Eesa (Jesus) & Muhammad .. (P.B.U.T).

It tries to remove the misconceptions precepitated in the minds .. which were fed to further create three religions out of their teachings .. however each of these three said the same thing and brought the same message of ALLAH.

It tells that whoever worships only ALLAH, and prays only & only to ALLAH and does good deeds is among ALLAH’s favourites & he will succeed ..

Along with that one must understand that Quran is not Torah’s or Bible’s enemy .. its the final book of ALLAH.

Similarly ..
Like Hazrat Eesa & Moosa (Jesus & Moses P.B.U.T), Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is also ALLAH’s prophet, infact ALLAH’s last prophet.
When he came he summarized all what his fellow Prophets told .. and he told the final message of ALLAH.

Now when the final message of ALLAH has arrived, it makes all of the followers of Allah’s Prophets to gather under one final flag & that’s Islam.

These barriers among mankind should be removed, ’cause it were not created by any of ALLAH’s prophets or books.

One must understand that Quran is just the seal, and since the final edition is published .. old editions no longer stay in effect.

We present you the series ‘The Divine Book’ (by the makers of ‘The Arrivals’).

  1. Loga says:

    Did you see the review of “the Arrivals”?

    All the best.

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