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Your suggestions & feedback mean alot to us. We need you with us, we want your word.  Send in your feedback & suggestions.

  1. AZ says:

    the new layout is really impressive! wish i could say the same about the rest..

  2. Jazak’Allahu Khair ! AZ, your feedback is highly appreciated.
    Thanks for the appreciation as far as theme is concerned.
    TheWUC team will make sure that alongwith layout the content standard of the blog also remains at the highest level, we need your assistance & support to make it happen.


  3. AZ says:

    the last layout in black and grey was better than this brown colour and the way the posts are arranged its not user friendly….

    share this video.

  4. I’ll look into the theme & layout thing & will sort it out. Insha’Allah !
    Thanks for showing concern.

  5. AZ – may i please have youtube link of this video.

  6. I’m requesting you to provide me the Youtube link of this vid, because as you know i’m not using facebook, :s

  7. AZ says:

    well im afraid i dont have the youtube link for it.. bcuz apparently it was uploaded on facebook only… if i find it ill post it..
    this theme is better.. it has personality. Stick to this one.. changing the layout again and again is not very good for readers, One WORD: familiarity! THATS whatcaptures attention to blogs…

  8. Oh yes – that’s true.
    Well ! we’ll stick to this one for now. Untill we find some other theme that’s much more expressive of the main purpose of TheWUC.

  9. AZ says:

    you missed the point….dont change this theme again!
    If something should change, thats the approach and direction of this blog!

  10. Okay ! I get it.
    I’m sure we can discuss more on it, in TheWUC google group for core team.

  11. Sana J says:

    Great job Umar. The site just needs to be updated every week, relevant material with pictures and videos. And besides your own write-ups, how about if you create a category to share relevant articles or researches from other blogs/websites?

  12. AZ says:

    thanks! thats a helpful idea!
    You can always share articles and related material on our twitter page:

    Much thanks!

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