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LAHORE – A PAKISTANI court on Wednesday ordered authorities to block Facebook in the country over a page encouraging users to post caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed on the site.

Thousands of members of the social networking site have launched an online campaign demanding a boycott of Facebook over the offending page.

The depiction of any prophet is strictly prohibited in Islam as blasphemous and Muslims across the world staged angry protests over the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in European newspapers in 2006.

A Facebook user set up a page called ‘Draw Mohammed Day,’ allegedly inviting people to send in their caricatures of the Muslim prophet on May 20. Justice Sajjad Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court directed the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block Facebook after a group of lawyers moved a petition in the court. An interim order has been issued until May 31, when the court is to start a detailed hearing of the case.

Alhamdulillah & AllahuAkbar !

We are boycotting Facebook on 20th May for the honour of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). We demand Facebook to close this group ’20th May: Draw Muhammad Day’. Nauzubillah !

I request all of the Muslim members of this group to please boycott facebook on 20th may & change your profile picture to this one:

And i also request all the other members of this group to be a part of this rightful cause because no religion allows such an act which is disrespectful & offending to other religions, as no Prophet & no saint taught their followers to disrespect other Prophets & saints.

Spread the word & be a part of this cause.


`Muhammad Umar Muzaffar | WUC

[Facebook Group of Wake-up Call for Truth Seekers :

Those who don’t respect religions, & who donot respect differences in opinions, they show that they were & still are the most uncivilized masses on earth.

Currently we’ve come across this new form of Extremism waged by West upon us. Uncivilized extremist from the west, who aren’t civilized enough to respect other religions, they have made a group & are provoking people to gather & nauzubillah ‘draw Muhammad’.

Join the group ‘We stand against Draw Muhammad Day’.

Remember WE ARE MORE THAN ONE & a HALF BILLION & we have with us other PEOPLE as WELL WHO respect other religions, irrespective of their creed.

Report your protest, raise your voice against this insanity.