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Imagine that you could fraudulently obtain a German travel document to be used by assassins, utilising the name and personal details of a still-living individual to do so, and even if you were caught, arrested and extradited to Germany for trial, you would be allowed to return to your home country.

It’s possible if you happen to be an Israeli. Given that Germany is known for its strict adherence to rules and laws, this really is mind-boggling.

I’m referring to the alleged Mossad agent Uri Brodsky, who is believed to have illegally obtained a German passport that was used to enter Dubai by one of Israel’s gang of assassins behind the murder of Hamas commander Mahmoud Al Mabhouh. Brodsky was arrested in Warsaw Airport in June; not for spying or conspiracy to murder but for the lesser crime of illegally procuring a passport.

On August 12, he was extradited from Poland to Germany where a German judge happily released him on bail and told him there was no bar to his return to Israel provided he returns in the event he is sentenced to prison. However, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz, Israel is likely to have done a deal with the German authorities whereby Brodsky will probably get away with a fine. There’s a word that springs to mind: conspiracy.

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan State Oil, a government-run oil company, has awarded a contact to an Israeli-based firm, Turpak-Orpak, despite the government’s ban on any kind of trade or agreement with an Israeli entity.

The matter was taken up by the Senate Standing Committee on Interior at its meeting on Monday.

The committee did not only deal with the matter of awarding a contract to any Israeli firm but also expressed doubts over the operation of the company close to sensitive installations in the country.

“It is an Israeli military establishment-funded company which is being headed by a military general,” committee’s Chairman Senator Talha Mehmood told Dawn.

“We have learnt that the company had installed its equipment close to sensitive installations and, therefore, I have ordered an inspection of the equipment to ascertain whether they are being used for monitoring purpose,” the senator said.

Mr Talha said that under SRO 76 (1) issued on Sept 2009, no Israeli company could operate in the country, but the PSO management awarded the contract to the firm in 2008.

PSO officials who attended the meeting said the contract had been awarded by the previous management and they had nothing to do with it.

The committee sought a report from PSO on the grant of the contract in violation of rules and regulations.

“The award of contract caused a great loss to the national exchequer as well as serious risk to the national security as the PSO supplies oil to sensitive institutions of the country and a foreign company has installed sensitive equipment on different petrol pumps which was a matter of great concern,” the senator said.

He asked the PSO managing director to look into the matter and give a report within 15 days to the ministry of interior for further investigation and action.

The committee was of the view that a treason case should be registered against officials involved in the award of the contract to the company.


Iran digging graves for US troops

Posted: August 10, 2010 by Muhammad Umar Muzaffar in Illuminati & Global Elite > International

Iran has dug mass graves in which to bury U.S. troops in case of any American attack on the country, a former commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard said.

The digging of the graves appears to be a show of bravado after the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, said last week that the U.S. military has a contingency plan to attack Iran, although he thinks a military strike is probably a bad idea.

The U.S. and some of its allies accuse Iran of using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to build nuclear weapons. Iran has denied the charges, saying its nuclear program is geared merely toward generating electricity, not bomb.

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'Mere Log' - PKKH Flood Relief Campaign

While we have slept past few nights in our warm beds, some others have spent those nights saving their families & belongings from the fierce flood.

Several have drowned in this chaos & several lac people have lost their homes which were all they had.

Please think that while we sit comfortably in our homes, our brothers and sisters who are spending sleepless nights out in the open fighting hunger and disease alongwith nature’s fury. These men and women are our brothers and sisters. Lets stand up in the name of humanity & make sure that we the people help the others in the time of need & donot rely on the corrupt governments & surely Allah is enough for us, for He is our protector.

The Wake-up Call for Truth Seekers [TheWUC] is making sure that it must contribute its part in this time of need, please donate generously as TheWUC is collecting donations to help PKKH in provision of aid & relief to the flood victims in several areas of Pakistan.

For more details on how you can help atleast one homeless family this Ramadan, please email on MereLog [at]

Or email TheWUC at Thewuc [at]

Mere Log (My People) – PKKH Aid Campaign

Helmand Afghans want to be governed by Taliban.

Top story on the BBC news last night (30th July 2010) was from Nad-e-Ali in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

It was about the British Army’s surge to clear this area of Taliban.

There was much talk about difficulties and where this new initiative falls relative to overall coalition strategy, but the astonishing part of the report came when the reporter interviewed a large group of local shopkeepers.

The reporter’s voice-over reported content as the shopkeepers’ spokeman delivered his opinions.

“This man says that the problems should be addressed by negotiation, not war. When I asked the group who they would like to be responsible for running this area they answered, to a man, Taliban.”

When I saw this report on the 6 ‘O’ Clock News I was astonished that these words had made it past the editor.

At 10 p.m. there was (surprisingly) the same report, in full, again.

The thing that made this breathtaking was the knowledge that the BBC is so often, indeed almost invariably, a mouthpiece for government propaganda and lies.