We stand against ‘Draw Muhammad Day’.

Posted: May 6, 2010 by Muhammad Umar Muzaffar in Illuminati & Global Elite > International, Illuminati & Global Elite > Pakistan
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Those who don’t respect religions, & who donot respect differences in opinions, they show that they were & still are the most uncivilized masses on earth.

Currently we’ve come across this new form of Extremism waged by West upon us. Uncivilized extremist from the west, who aren’t civilized enough to respect other religions, they have made a group & are provoking people to gather & nauzubillah ‘draw Muhammad’.

Join the group ‘We stand against Draw Muhammad Day’.


Remember WE ARE MORE THAN ONE & a HALF BILLION & we have with us other PEOPLE as WELL WHO respect other religions, irrespective of their creed.

Report your protest, raise your voice against this insanity.

  1. warda says:

    boycot with these cheap people.we hate hate and hate such people,i have no words….

  2. Warda – Those who donot respect others, we will have no contact with them, because we the Muslims practice Islam & Islam teaches us to respect other’s beliefs & it also teaches us not to disrespect them or their Gods or their sacred things.

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