Notorious Karachi criminal Rehman Dakait Killed

Posted: August 10, 2009 by sird399 in Illuminati & Global Elite > Pakistan
Security officials display arms siezed during an operation in Lyari, Karachil —ONLINE/File photo

Security officials display arms siezed during an operation in Lyari, Karachi —ONLINE/File photo

KARACHI: Notorious Karachi criminal Rehman Dakait was killed late Sunday by Karachi Police, along with his three accomplices, according to DawnNews.

Dakait was reportedly involved in over 80 criminal cases and was a central figure in the gang wars of Lyari – one of the most populous and oldest localities of Karachi.

Dakait and his three accomplices were killed in an exchange of fire with the police.

According to police statements, Dakait’s car was stopped for a routine vehicle late Sunday, which the dacoits tried to escape, forcing the police to open fire.

Abdul Rehman alias Rehman Dakait was wanted by police in over 80 cases and was involved in heinous crimes including kidnapping for ransom and murder.

A massive police operation against Dakait and other criminals of Lyari had been launched by Karachi Police.

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Karachi Waseem Ahmed told reporters that the killing of the notorious gang-leader was a major achievement for the Karachi Police.

‘Heavy contingents of Police and Rangers have been deployed across Lyari to avoid any possible reaction following Dakait’s killing.


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